Learn How To Properly Clean Your Computer Keyboard

Using your computer on a daily basis is more common than ever before. Over time, the keys on keyboards can start to become stuck because dirt and grime get beneath them after extended use. If you have noticed that your keys are starting to stick, it may be time to give your keyboard a thorough cleaning. Use the following guide to learn how to clean your computer keyboard quickly and easily. [Read More]

The Best Telephone System Features Available For Businesses Today

The phone system used by your business is an important tool, no matter the product or service you sell and no matter your industry. When customers and clients call your office how they're greeted will make a lasting impression with them, and your staff needs to be able to communicate with those outside the company quickly and effortlessly. If you haven't upgraded your phone system in several years, consider some features that are readily available through phone systems today and how they can benefit your business. [Read More]

Hearing Aid Basics And Your Baby

If you just recently learned that your infant has hearing loss, you probably have a lot of questions. Here is a guide to answer a few of your questions and to help you understand the basics of hearing aids for your baby. How Do Hearing Aids Actually Work? Hearing aids amplify sounds for your baby and shape the sounds in a way that will allow your child to hear them. Each person's hearing loss is different, and modern hearing aids modify sounds in a way that specifically allows your child to hear them. [Read More]