Learn How To Properly Clean Your Computer Keyboard

Using your computer on a daily basis is more common than ever before. Over time, the keys on keyboards can start to become stuck because dirt and grime get beneath them after extended use. If you have noticed that your keys are starting to stick, it may be time to give your keyboard a thorough cleaning. Use the following guide to learn how to clean your computer keyboard quickly and easily.

Shake out Loose Debris

Unplug your keyboard from the computer and turn it upside down over a trashcan. Slightly tap the back of the keyboard to knock any loose debris free from beneath the keys and into the trashcan. Be sure not to hit the keyboard too hard or you could damage it.

Dust the Keyboard

Hold the keyboard against a flat surface so that it is standing on its side. Add the extension nozzle to a can of compressed air and spray the entire keyboard with the air. Be sure that you spray between the keys and around the edges of the board. Be careful to use the air in a well-ventilated area because you do not want to breathe in the fumes.

Clean the Small Crevices

Wet a cotton swab with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Use the swab to lightly clean between each of the keys. The alcohol will remove any goo that may be stuck to the keys, limiting their ability to move.

Clean the Keys

Pour a few drops of the alcohol on a clean microfiber rag. Wipe down the tops of the keys and the exterior of the keyboard to remove any grime from them. Be careful when you are cleaning the keys because you do not want to press on them too hard because you could damage them. Also, do not put too much alcohol on the rag because you do not want to oversaturate the keyboard and damage the electronic components inside of it.

If you notice that the keys are still sticking even after you clean the keyboard, there is a good chance that someone is seriously wrong with the keyboard and it may need to be professionally repaired. Take the keyboard to a computer repair store like Sandtronic Business Systems Ltd and let the associate know about the issue. They may have to keep the keyboard to evaluate the situation more closely, but they should be able to get the repairs done within a few days.