The Best Telephone System Features Available For Businesses Today

The phone system used by your business is an important tool, no matter the product or service you sell and no matter your industry. When customers and clients call your office how they're greeted will make a lasting impression with them, and your staff needs to be able to communicate with those outside the company quickly and effortlessly.

If you haven't upgraded your phone system in several years, consider some features that are readily available through phone systems today and how they can benefit your business.

1. Voice mail transcription

One great feature to consider with a phone system is a voice mail transcription service. This service receives a voice mail and then transcribes it to an email address or text message. This ensures that your staff is going to get their voice mail messages more quickly and easily than if they needed to wait until they called and retrieved their messages.

It also means your staff doesn't need to give out their cell phone numbers to anyone and everyone in order to be instantly available to them. If you have workers that travel frequently, consider this option for them.

2. Individual call forwarding

If your phone system allows for individual direct numbers to be dialed in order to bypass a receptionist, it should also support individual call forwarding. This allows the call to be forwarded to any number instantly.

This, too, keeps your staff from having to supply their customers and clients with a roster of phone numbers, and those outside your office don't need to go through those phone numbers in order to reach the person they're calling. Someone who travels quite a bit or who works out of state can also provide clients and customers with a local phone number; your company can appear to have many different offices simply by using various local phone numbers that are forwarded to individuals.

3. Sales pitches to replace on-hold music

When someone calls your location and is put on hold, you don't want them to hear silence, as this can make them think the call has been disconnected. However, music does very little to engage that person. Instead, opt for a sales pitch or short, punchy statements that can pique a client's or customer's interest. These statements might be about upcoming sales or information about special products you offer, but they are much more effective than simply providing music alone to those who have called your office.

To get your system installed, contact professionals, such as CommPro Communication Specialists.