Hearing Aid Basics And Your Baby

If you just recently learned that your infant has hearing loss, you probably have a lot of questions. Here is a guide to answer a few of your questions and to help you understand the basics of hearing aids for your baby.

How Do Hearing Aids Actually Work?

Hearing aids amplify sounds for your baby and shape the sounds in a way that will allow your child to hear them. Each person's hearing loss is different, and modern hearing aids modify sounds in a way that specifically allows your child to hear them.

Hearing aids will help your child hear all the sounds of speech when it is quiet and the person who is talking is close by. Even with hearing aids, your child will not have perfect hearing. They may struggle to hear faraway sounds as they grow, or to understand quickly spoken words.

When Should My Child Start Wearing Hearing Aids?

If your child has been diagnosed with permanent hearing loss, they should start wearing hearing aids as soon as possible. They make special hearing aids that are designed for baby's ears.

Why Does My Child Need Hearing Aids Now?

Every day, your child makes thousands of new connections in their brain. Every day your child goes without hearing aids is a day your child's brain is not developing any auditory brain connections. The sooner you get hearing aids for your child, the sooner your child's brain can start developing auditory connections.

These connections allow your child, even as an infant, to process and learn about the world around them. These early months are crucial for your child's learning process. Hearing loss can delay your child's speech, language, listening, learning and even behavior if your child is not given the support they need. In order for your child to hit developmental milestones, they need hearing aids, even though they are so little.

How Often Should My Child Use Their Hearing Aids?

Once you get your child's hearing aids, you need to work on having your child wear them every hour they are awake. If your child only wears them for a couple of hours, they will be losing out on all additional hours of hearing and learning time.

Every hour that your child wears their hearing aids now will make it easier for your child to listen and communicate down the road.

Remember, every day counts. If your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, you should do everything you can do to get them hearing aids as soon as possible. Once you get the hearing aids, make sure your child wears them whenever they are awake. This will allow your child to develop connections in their brain that will help your child with language and speech skills when he/she is older. Speak with specialists like Audiology Clinic Of Northern Alberta for more info.